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High-level sensor architecture
"Our goal is to investigate the relationship between in situ observations and landscape level processes in order to better understand ecosystem dynamics." (more)

Sensor Technologies
REAL sensor platforms transmit data over a hierarchical, wireless sensor network to bridge large distances while conserving overall sensor network power. Data is initially delivered to a sensor server for storage and relay to remote servers or grid services for further analysis and processing to better enable ecological inquiry... (more)
Senor Technologies
Soundscape Interpretation
A central theme of our acoustic monitoring is to be able to identify species based on their acoustic signatures in near real-time. A sensor data stream is a time series comprising continuous or periodic sensor readings. Typically, readings taken from a specific sensor can be identified and each reading appears... (more)
Soundscape Interpretation

Ecosystem Assessment
Our case studies leverage sensor technologies, infrastructure, and on-line, automated analysis techniques to investigate the relationship between acoustics and ecological indicators. Our preliminary studies are promising and show that there is a positive correlation between acoustics and ecological indices... (more)
Ecosystem assessment
Data Stewardship
When ecological sensor platforms collect data continuously, automated processing facilitates the organization and searching of the resulting data repositories. Without timely processing, the sheer volume of the data might preclude the extraction of information of interest. Addressing these problems will... (more)
Data Stewardship

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